Specialize in Medicare products/licensed and certified with most major companies in Arizona and Nevada.

Scholz and Associates

Welcome to Scholz and Associates; we are an insurance agency that works with most lines of insurance, however I specialize in Medicare products.

My name is Raymond Scholz, I have been licensed in the insurance industry since 1978 and the last 25 years or so I have been specializing in helping people aging into Medicare and people that are already on Medicare to educate and help them better understand the four parts of Medicare and their options. It is important to be able to identify and maximize your Medicare options. I can help you understand them in order to help you make an intelligent decision on what plans fit your needs.

Be kind to your friends and try to understand other peoples point of view, even if you do not share their opinions.

[ After review of this Web-Site please go to the contact page and fill out the information requested , add any comments you would like and press the submit button and I will contact you and answer questions that you may have. I will guide you through the Medicare process and help with anything else you may need. Remember there is no charge for my service}

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We are specialist in medicare products.We will help walk you through registration, explain the four parts of medicare, part D and make available education concerning the options

you have filling the gaps in original Medicare. Through the years we will make sure that you maintain the best coverage for the best price that fits your needs. As for our friends; the business owners; we can help with group and group supplemental insurance. We have many more products available. Please read all the pages; home, about us and service to find out more about us.When you get to the contact page fill out the requested information and we will get back to you promptly. For your insurance needs contact the guys and gals at Scholz and Associates; we can help.

WOW! my Mom and Dad finally got someone to help them with their Medicare products who listens to their needs and acts on what is best for them considering their needs, and their personal situation.

Read our reviews. go to google.com, in the search bar put in Scholz and Associates AZ

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A great feeling to understand Medicare and the options

Getting together ; traveling is never a problem for me, I travel the entire state of Arizona including Mohave County Bullhead city, Payson, Prescott, Tucson etc. I also cover a good part of Nevada. There will be no need to attend seminars which sometimes can be more confusing when you leave then when you came especially if there's a lot of people there and you can't get a lot of your questions answered. I come to you; there's no need for you to travel, we have a one on one seminar of course if married it's always good to have your spouse there he or she may have some questions whether or not they are on Medicare or approaching Medicare age. It is always good to get their input. you can also invite other members of your family daughter, son and some friends if you would like. We take our time and go over the four parts of Medicare so you fully understand how it works and then we talk about your options to see what option would fit you the best. Once we have that established we can look at the different companies. I will answer any questions that you may have. By the way we never charge for the services that we provide and you are never under obligation. It is important that you understand everything you can about how Medicare works, what you're options are and have confidence in any company that you may enroll in. I can help you with that. I am very assessable; you can reach me by my office phone 602-795-9370 my mobile 602-549-2462, fax 602-482-8692 email/ [email protected]. Please go to the next page marked about in order to find out more about us.