Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey. We are a insurance agency that works with all lines of insurance, However I personally specialize in Medicare and final expenses. It is our quest to reach as many people ageing into Medicare as we can in order to help enhance their knowledge of the four parts of Medicare and help make a good decisions in regards to their options and Part D. I obtained my insurance license in 1978; for the last 25 years I have specialized in Medicare products and am certified and licensed with most of the Major companies in AZ and NV. My wife, Children and I moved to AZ from upstate NY in 1975. Our Children of course are now grown and gave us some wonderful Grand children. One of my Grandsons just got married a few months ago. His wife is serving our country in the Navy. I am very proud of that. Another Grandson who lives in New Jersey will be getting Married on June 02 2017 we will be taking a week off to attend. My wife Ann Marie manages a Restaurant in a closed community in Scottsdale. We both work hard but love what we do and love to travel on our vacation. August 2017 we will be going back to Thailand, we love it there. We both feel very blessed that we picked occupations where we can help people, I do not think that their is anything more rewarding then knowing that you helped someone and perchance brightened their day a little bit. Please visit services on this website to see the other Services that we offer

Raymond Wesley Scholz /Ray

Many Happy Customers

I think that what sets us apart from others is that we care very much and go that extra mile until our clients are happy and understand much more than before I arrived. This is most important to help people with Medicare because it can look a bit confusing, especially when you get overwhelmed with people calling you and remember; all your friends will try to help and give you advise; likely because they are happy with their plan. Unfortunately it is not always the case that their plan is right for you , everyone has different needs. What is good for them may not be exactly what you need. That is where I come in. Hopefully you will allow me the privilege to explain and lay things out for you in order for you to make an educated decision on what better fills your needs and budget. Attending Medicare seminars can be confusing and a bit of a hassle. We meet with you and give you a one on one seminar, unless you would like family members and friends to attend. I always urge the spouse to attend he or she may have questions as well.

An Idea is Born

When I started working in the insurance industry in 1978 was involved in mostly life insurance and Disability. After a few years I started getting interested in Medicare. I changed the company to one that worked with Medicare, but after a while it seemed like they were more interested in products that generated more premium then Medicare did. Don't get me wrong that still helped people with Annuities and life insurance. But i wanted to learn everything i could about Medicare and share my knowledge with the public and this company only had one product to sell. that is called being a captive agent , I wanted to work with multiple companies to give my clients a choice. I sat down with my wife and we decided to go into my own business and work with multiple companies and educate people on Medicare. We refinanced that house to get Capital to get started, built an office attached to my home and visit people at their homes where they fell more comfortable. I partnered with two people that are experts in other area's so I can concentrate on Medicare and final expenses. More on that if you go to service.